How many Grades are there?


All of our casings are 100% retreadable tires. We only offer premium brands and exported directly from Japan.

We inspect each tire casing one by one thoroughly before loading it into the container and classify it into grades / qualities according to its characteristics.

Each customer is unique and has its own requirements, to adjust as much as possible to each client, we have a network of selected yards distributed from north to south of Japan that allows us to offer a high stock quintiles, almost immediate availability to load from the main ports of Japan, always using the same inspection process to maintain our quality standards.

  • Never retreaded casings.
  • Recent DOT.
  • No need of reparations.
  • Free of patchs.
  • Never retreaded casings.
  • Recent DOT.
  • Possible need for repairs only in the tread area.
  • 1 patch allowed.
  • Once retreaded casings (done by Japanese manufactures).
  • DOT 6 years to date.
  • 1 patch allowed.


How do you inspect the tires?


Before loading the tire casing container, we inspect one by one all the areas of each tire and classify them in the corresponding grade.
Check out in the video below how we inspect the tires.


How can I request a quote?


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