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Can I order a mixed used tire and casing container?

Of course you can! Don’t hesitate to send us an email with the sizes you need and we will send you a personalize quotation.

What brands do you offer?

We only provide premium brands. When you only offer premium brands the headaches disappear.
Try it for yourself!

What is your guarantee policy?

We have a 97% guarantee policy, that is, if the claim exceeds 3% of the container, we will refund the amount claimed by bank account or we will deduct it from the next order. The safety of your money is guaranteed. To avoid defective tires, we inspect them one by one before loading them into the container.

How long does it take to load the container since the day I pay the deposit payment?

Since we receive the deposit payment, it takes about 7 business days to load your container (depending on the complexity of the order or the stock situation).

What incoterms do you use?

The inconterms we use are:

FOB: price to the port of origin (freight and insurance NOT included).
CFR: freight included to the port of destination (insurance NOT included).
CIF: freight and insurance included to the port of destination.

Depending on the country we can also offer the customs agent service.

The easier we make it for you, the more satisfied we will be.

Do you provide 24.5 inches tires?

Unfortunately any 24.5 inches tires are not used in Japanese market, that’s why we can’t supply them. 

How long does it take the container to arrive?

It depends on the final destination, the shipping company and if the ship does not sink (don’t worry, it has never happened to us).

Tokyo – Los Angeles: 12 days.
Tokyo – Long Beach: 12 days.
Tokyo – Houston: 49 days.
Tokyo – Jacksonville: 54 days.
Tokyo – Tampa: 56 days.
Tokyo – Asuncion: 75 days.

From other ports in Japan it takes about more 1 day.

How many tires can be loaded into a container?

We use 40″HQ containers to ship as many tires as possible.
Depending on the sizes, the load-ability changes.

11R22.5: 292 pcs.
12R22.5: 250 pcs.
225/80R17.5: 630 pcs.
245/70R19.5: 450 pcs.
275/70R22.5: 320 pcs.
275/80R22.5: 286 pcs.
295/80R22.5: 264 pcs.
315/80R22.5: 220 pcs.

Passenger tires vary between 1400 and 2500 units.

If you order a mixed sizes container, the load capacity change.

What sizes do you export the most to USA?

We mainly export 11R22.5, 275/80R22.5 & 245/70R19.5 to our customers from USA. 

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